Since 2030 every year will be hotter than the previous

Srarting next decade every second summer will beat a temperature record - it will be hotter than any summer before it for the last 40 years. Moreover if the existing warming trend doesn't change in 2050 almost every summer will be "the hottest in history". The last severeal years were already unusually hot. News that almost every year "the hottest in history" or at least “passed with record high temperatures” post with a terrible regularity. 2017 is not over yet, but already promises to be among the three warmest in the history according to World Meteorological Organization. The past three years have become leaders in temperature for the entire observation period. But it's part of a long-term trend of global warming. We witnessed extraordinary natural phenomena, including temperatures above 50 degrees in Asia, the most powerful hurricanes in short succession in the Caribbean and the Atlantic, reaching Ireland. And also powerful monsoons, flooding thousands of square kilometres.

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