How Seryoga met his wife

Yesterday I met my friend late at night. He told me the story how he met his wife. I know his wife very well, she is a very good person, he is lucky that he met her. She is from a good family, as well as he, she same from central Siberia. Once, I was coming back from my study and saw the phone lining the street and isn't charged. And it was cold, even hands get chilly. I brang it to home then charged. Turned on and there were a lot of missed calls, 25 notifications overall. 24 were from "Mum" and one from "Dad". And I decided to call back. After the first dial tone somebody said "Allo". "Hello" "Who is this ? Does a thief showed up ?" "No, I found the phone" "I don't believe you. We will contact the police, if you don't bring the phone" "I want to give the phone back" "How much you want?" "For free. Tell me where to go" "Hm," the man was taking it all with a grain of salt."Okay, at 12.00 get the address" to be continued...

Author: Ai
Length: 950

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