How right choose and use plastic...

Today plstic is used everywhere, but to serving simply recommendations we can protect yourself from the negative influence of plastic and protect our planet! So, what can we do? The first and foremost that enviromentalist recommmend is to start with plastic items that touch our lips and mouth. It's about plastic containers to storage food, plastic dishes and even toothbrushes. It's hard to tell that all this things are safety for us, especially with their long-term use. The easiest way for plastic to penetrate our body is through our mouth and considering how many plastic items we use in the kitchen, how much we use for food and drink, it becomes a real problem! Try to minimize the number of plastic items that you use to store food. What else should we avoid? Don't buy toys that marked 3 or "PVC". PVC is often mixed with phthalates - a toxic substancy that gives plastic flexibility. And some more advice: Don't use plastic containers in microwave oven. Heat can destroy plastic.

Author: persik
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