How right choose and use plastic.

If you can't completely give up plastic, find out how you can reduce the harm of used plastic materials. In an ideal world we won't need to have plastic items in the house. Although it was a revolutional material it still contains harmful chemicals and becomes a source of long-term pollution, which the planet will struggle for centuries. We must strive not to use a plastic, but given the prevalence, it can be very difficalt. In that case, the careful selection and use of plastic can help us to reduce a harm of nature caused and help in the future to give up plastic in general. Unfortunately the toxicity of plastics is still difficalt to determine - different types of this material can to a greater or lesser extent harm the nature and our health. We know that majoruity plastics contain chemical additives and substances such as bisphenol-a (BPA) and plastic softeners are toxic; they are dangerous for health and can even lead to changes in the structure of the human brain.

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