Sharing economy

Usually, in order to rent a bicycle you need to have a credit or usual bank card, but as pracrice shows, it is not at all. Using the same transport cards, which is easy to buy and replenish in stores, ATMs and different terminals, the rent will be much easier for users. In Pittsburgh ConnectCard generally can be purchased and replenish cash in many city shopping centers. Today byke-sharing in many cities around the world is rapidly gaining popularity. The people save by pleasure - without buying their own bike, but taking rent it. It is not only a desire to lead a healthy lifestyle, but also the opportunity to get to places, where public transport simply will not reach. And as for the idea of Healthy Ride with it's free 15-minutes, it is difficult to determine how much it will interest people. Judge for yourself where you can get there in such a short time? And to say that someone wants to relaxed ride... It is also unlikely, 15 minutes rather have to hurry ...

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