How In Pittsburgh give out free bicycles

In all the big cities of the world public transport is one of the most convenient and chipest ways to get quickly to the desired destination. In Pittsburgh created another way to introduce eco-friendly ways of movement with the sharing economy. Actually, Pittsburgh invented not a badly project: all those, who have transport cards, used to pay for travel in public transport, can now rent a bicycle absolutely free... However, while only for 15 minutes. It's about the owners of those cards that allow for a monthly fee to make a lot of different trips by bus or subway. Concretely in Pittsburgh uses reusable smart card called "ConnectCard" and now she has a new function - it was also the key to renting bicycles in the local rental company Healthy Ride. Every bicycle can instantly to read this card and its owner will be given free 15-minutes bike ride. At the moment this so-called stock is being tested, which will last six months.

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