Space flight in the fantasy in the early XX century.

Long before at first space flight people were went to space in in the dreams of science fiction writers and scientists. Let us cast away countless space guns, flooded fiction after Jules Verne - except them was invented so many ways to launch a man into space. French aviator Henri de Grafigny at the beginning of the XX century was proposed to lunch by the sling method - attach a spacecraft to giant disk, to spin it and when the speed required is reach, to unhook the machine so then he flew farther by inertia. This method was applied later in the story of A. Platonov "Moon Bomb" in 1926 y. Three minutes before midnight, the disk was given speed. Electric motor was roaring; giant fans were driving through motor whole clouds of cold air; the oil in the apparatus was cooling down by ice jets, and yet acrid smoke was around the whole building. The disk rumbled like a cannonade... At the right moment bomb separated from the disk and flew... About 15,000 people have been deaf.

Author: persik
Length: 986

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