In the list of Florence richmen the same name as 600 years ago. Cont.

In the case with Florentines more surprising that is not so much the fact of preservation of wealth and social status, but the fact that we are talking about a period of time lasting almost 600 years, that is 25 generations. Parallels arise with the research of the French economist Thomas Picetti, who studied with in the growth of income inequality among the richest 1% of people. However, Italian economists deny that there is some connection between their research and the research of Picetti. "Our research is devoted to economic mobility, i.e. question: do the rich remain rich with the passage of a certain time, -Mosetti said the Wall Street Journal. But this does not mean that they necessarily become richer. We have not found a direct connection with Picetti's conclusion that material inequality only increases with time." Baron and Mosetti explain that the rich have more chances to remain rich and after a long time, the existence of what they call "a glass floor that protects the descendants of rich people from falling from the economic ladder." Besides, in the study of Italian economists were not only the 1% most wealthy Florentines. They analyzed the entire population of the city and came to the conclusion that 33% of Florentine rich people in 1427, i.e. every third, remain wealthy and now, in our days.

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